APRIL 8 - 23RD, 2018

Featuring artwork by Natalie Kuenzi, Kasey Toomey, Kaitlin Pomerantz, Meghan Howland, Leon Xu, Stephanie Bursese and Will Owen

Curated by Terrill Warrenburg

Little Berlin is pleased to present FOUND, an array of art, objects, sounds, materials, moments and installations generated with found material from Kensington. The exhibition will run from April 8- 23rd with an opening reception on Saturday April 8th from 7-9pm.

FOUND is an exhibition that poses questions but does not necessarily provide answers. At its inception, it was a proposal, an idea that was pitched to several local artists. The goal: create "artwork: using materials sourced from the surrounding area of the gallery- Kensington, Philadelphia. Each artist was given the freedom to execute a project in whatever direction they see fit, creating a piece of art while considering some of the fundamental questions that artists, curators, and art collectives are confronted with daily. These include, but are not limited to: Can an art collective contribute to a community without gentrifying it? How can artists promote environmentally sustainable art practices? When does an object become art? Does the artist decide, does the viewer? 

object collection and community cleanup

This event will precede the exhibition's installation on Sunday April 2 from 11-1pm and is open to the public. Artists and guests will embark on a walkabout of Little Berlin's neighborhood, collecting trash and other objects for future use as artistic material or as general recycling/ trash clean up. 

Skill-share Workshop

During this open-to-all participatory program, Wednesday, April 12th, 7pm , artists and guests will be invited to share their personal artistic skills and techniques with an emphasis on turning "trash" into art, maintaining environmentally sustainable art practices, and more! The audience is invited to contribute.