Exhibition: Artshare LA

Terrill is pleased to announce that four of her works will be on display at Artshare LA during the February 2018 Women's Caucus for Art and CAA annual conferences in Los Angeles.

The theme of 'Reality Sandwiches' is inspired by a collection of Allen Ginsberg's poems of that same title. Ginsberg conceived of reality sandwiches as scribbled secret notebooks and wild typewritten pages for your own joy. In that light, and tying it in with the overall conference theme of Art Speaks! Lend Your Voice, inviting artists to depict their current reality, their view of the current state of reality or where they wish for their reality to be.

Juror is Alison Saar: Internationally known, Los Angeles based artist Alison Saar is a sculptor, painter and installation artist whose work explores themes of African cultural diaspora and spirituality.